Summer Outdoor Living Trends

June 14, 2021 10:14 am

Outdoor kitchen and dining table on a paved patioOver the past year, Americans spent more time outdoors than perhaps ever before. Much like during the height of the pandemic, this summer’s outdoor living trends build on the momentum of bringing indoor conveniences outdoors. Here are a few of these trends:

Outdoor Kitchens – Al fresco dining is all the rage! According to a 2021 report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, 60% of homeowners are interested in adding outdoor kitchens. See some beautiful ones here.

Edible Gardens – During the pandemic, gardening became a very popular activity nationwide. Whether it be herb gardens, vegetable gardens or specialized immunity gardens, Americans are looking for ways to add new colors and flavors to their meals.

Social Front Yards – What was once thought of as sheer curb appeal is now being seen as a way to add more useable space to a home. People seek to add more livable spaces to front yards in an effort to become more social within their neighborhoods and communities.

Living Season Extenders – Amenities that extend the amount of time one can spend outside have become increasingly popular. Items such as fire pits, heat lamps, misting systems, and fans allow for continued enjoyment of a space even after the regular season has passed.

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